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Landscaping Products

There are many landscaping products to choose from to create your dream landscape. The range of products available spans the spectrum from the simplest ones (e.g. mulch) that you can use to achieve dramatic results to those that require complex tools and procedures (e.g. mortar and grout). 

We made it easier to see how the products are categorized based on their purpose. For example, interlocking pavers can never be used as a garden wall. Simply start by selecting the product category and we’ll show what products are available to be used for your project. 

Get started by deciding what landscaping products work best for your project today!

Our Reviews

Nasir Rashid
November 15, 2022

You cannot trust these guys. They will say one thing today and something different next day. I was told that they will take back the unused concrete rectangles with restocking fee but at the last moment I was told that we don’t take back these products. They will promise everything at the time of sales but afterwards it will be a completely opposite response. No more business with Toemar. Go with SW Stoneworks in Bolton. They have better prices and clear business practices.

Mansoor Malik
October 7, 2022

Looking for landscaping items..great place within the city to pickup items and reasonable prices.

mustafa jawad
September 23, 2022

Good 👍🏼

MFES Hockey
September 16, 2022

I used Toemar numerous times this past summer to complete my back yard Reno’s. Very happy with the customer service and support I had though the whole reno. Thank you for everything.

Salina Rosa
September 8, 2022

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL!! NO STOCK IN ANYTHING. CHEAT ON CUSTOMERS NOT WORTH THE DRIVE TO THIS LOCATION. STAY THE HECK AWAY. I came to this location today as I own my own landscaping business- I wanted to buy some materials here and as I walked in as a female I was not welcomed and they looked at me as if I couldnt afford there products. the gentleman right away didnt ask what i wanted instead he addressed for me to take a look at the cheap bricks on the other side. this to me is absolutely disgusting and degrading to a woman. Theres no customer service at all here. they all look miserable and they cheat on customers with prices. I come from a family who owns landscaping business and have plently of friends who are in the construction industry I will not recommend anyone here in mississauga or throughout GTA.

Chester Percival
August 29, 2022

Great place, staff are very helpful and friendly.


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