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Landscaping Products

There are many landscaping products to choose from to create your dream landscape. The range of products available spans the spectrum from the simplest ones (e.g. mulch) that you can use to achieve dramatic results to those that require complex tools and procedures (e.g. mortar and grout). 

We made it easier to see how the products are categorized based on their purpose. For example, interlocking pavers can never be used as a garden wall. Simply start by selecting the product category and we’ll show what products are available to be used for your project. 

Get started by deciding what landscaping products work best for your project today!

Our Reviews

Salina Rosa
September 8, 2022

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL!! NO STOCK IN ANYTHING. CHEAT ON CUSTOMERS NOT WORTH THE DRIVE TO THIS LOCATION. STAY THE HECK AWAY. I came to this location today as I own my own landscaping business- I wanted to buy some materials here and as I walked in as a female I was not welcomed and they looked at me as if I couldnt afford there products. the gentleman right away didnt ask what i wanted instead he addressed for me to take a look at the cheap bricks on the other side. this to me is absolutely disgusting and degrading to a woman. Theres no customer service at all here. they all look miserable and they cheat on customers with prices. I come from a family who owns landscaping business and have plently of friends who are in the construction industry I will not recommend anyone here in mississauga or throughout GTA.

Chester Percival
August 29, 2022

Great place, staff are very helpful and friendly.

Walid Merhi
August 13, 2022

We are contractors We always buy for all shops in GTA. By far this is worse store i ever been to. They are nice when you place an order and terrible and rude after ward . I bought about 1000 square feet from them , and had few layers left . Called the store and they said it is 25% restocking fees which was fine with. When i arrived they refuse to return them. The guy first said they are damaged (they were in the same condition I received them, not damaged at all). Then he said our policy we do not take layers back,(i am not sure why he check them and why told me to come back). When i told him that i have another order to place he said i can return them . So basically if you don’t buy from us again then screw you. Obviously i didn’t place the order because i don’t want to deal with kind of ppl again.. also he made a comment saying if you bought 1000 square feet and you have that much left so that is ok (means throw the $200 worth of products in garbage). Please note all stores around the area would return them no issues. Prices also same or cheaper to this store. So why buy from a store where you get stock with extra products that you have and others around the area will return them. One question that i have when they reply. They delivered me a damaged coping. I used 2 (i cut the bad part) and there is one not used. I paid almost $420 delivery to Burlington , the product arrived damaged and need to be changed will they deliver me the new product, do they charge delivery again for something that was their mistake or do they expect to deliver damaged products and make me drive one more time all the way to their store pay gas waste time to change it

Albert Trinh
August 2, 2022

Has a lot of selection. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable

David Nicho
July 27, 2022
Angelo Medelita
July 17, 2022

I like your dog but he doesn’t like me he looked annoyed when I pet him


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