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Polymeric and Paver Sand

Polymeric Sand or paver sand is a finishing product for interlocking pavers. It is an artificial sand-like product that is used to fill the joints of interlocking pavers by means of a gas powered tamper or electric vibrating rubberized plate.

Polymeric Sand is made up of an artificial sand product which is formed into small pellets and then fused with polymer resin. Interlocking pavers are held tight in formation to minimize shifting and movement.

Landscape professionals will use this product to give your patio, walkway or driveway that clean finish while keeping weeds at bay.  It is also used to minimize erosion of the interlocking paver base material.

Polymeric Sand should be used on all interlocking projects such as patios, walkways,  driveways, retaining walls as a way to protect and extend the life your landscaping investment.

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