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Flagstone is a popular alternative to interlocking pavers because it provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant surface that will last for years. Although there are irregular sizes or random cuts, square cut (easier to install) is the product that easiest to install for homeowners. You can really accent an area because of the natural looking and earthy colors that include shades of browns, reds, grays, blues and black.

Flagstones can be used to create informal or formal patios, pathways and porches. For the more natural and organic look, select the random cut or irregular flagstones. For the more formal look, select the square cut flagstone tiles (corners are always 90 degrees) that can be installed in various repeating patterns.

There are a number of benefits to using flagstone:

  • Uniqueness – this is definitely true for the random cut flagstone as each piece is different which means each space will also be different.
  • Durability – aside from its premium look, flagstone is also very durable as it is natural stone.
  • Low maintenance – there is very little upkeep required
  • Permeable – this is certainly true with random cut flagstone as material between the tiles can be with high performance bedding or even plant material such as moss or turf. This has the benefit of capturing ground-runoff and reducing water evaporation.

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