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The Calming Effects Of Kitchen Gardening

During WWII, governments the world over were encouraging their citizens to plant “victory gardens”. In Canada, these were vegetable gardens that citizens planted to help supplement their food resources. But beyond the practical effects of providing additional nutrition, victory gardens were useful in helping people cope with the realities of war. Today, we’re in a …

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What’s Hot In Backyard Design in 2018 [6 Tips to an Amazing Yard]

Aiming for a new look for your outdoor oasis? Check out what’s hot in backyard design! You might be looking for some of the latest and greatest gardening and landscaping ideas to make your space just that little bit more special. If so, you’ve come to the right place! The following are unique design concepts …

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Shhh: An Easy Secret To A Lush Beautiful Garden – Mulch

This secret garden ingredient will transform your lawn and garden from burnt to bountiful A dry autumn with burnt leaves, as Mississauga experienced last year, results in drought like conditions for your garden, lawn and trees, come the following spring. So what’s a gardener to do? Mulch. What Is Mulch? At a most basic definition, …

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Autumn Checklist

With the air getting cooler each day, the days growing shorter, and leaves displaying their golden and orange radiant colors, it’s a sure sign that Fall is definitely here and it also means that you start preparing your home for the winter. To help you prioritize and simplify the process, we found this wonderful autumn …

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Fall Mulching

It’s unfortunate that most of us think of mulching as an afterthought, a topping or icing on the cake after you’ve completed your landscaping. Although this may be the case on newly completed landscaped backyards, mulching is an integral part to maintaining the health of your backyard. Every spring we see that people purposely use …

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