Fresh Cut Christmas Trees


Fresh cut Christmas Trees species offered are Fraser and Balsam Firs.  These Christmas trees offer the best needle retention, shape and quality. You will be sure to find the perfect shape and size for your home, choose from a variety of heights ranging from 5 to 15 feet (sold by height only). Image Source: Flickr

Product Specifications

  • Fraser Fir – The best quality Christmas tree on the market; with its picturesque shape, tones of blue and green and distinctive scent it is no wonder that it has become our top seller for over 10 years. The Fraser Fir can last up to 7-8 weeks in your home.
  • Balsam Fir – The most common Christmas tree species sold across Ontario due to its quality and fullness. The Balsam Fir offers great shape, good needle retention and robust pine scent. The Balsam Fir can last 6-7 weeks in your home.
Care Tips
  • Before selecting a Christmas tree be sure to know the height of your celling, Angels and stars will add height to your tree, knowing the height beforehand will help alleviate excessive cutting of the tip of the tree
  • It is also good to know the measurement of the area around it, a tree too wide may cause problems in a tight space
  • Cut the bottom of the tree a minimum of 1” this will ensure that the tree can absorb/drink water
  • Check your stand before your purchase, check that all components are in working order the last thing you want is your Christmas tree to topple over when decorated
  • Once you take your Christmas tree home make sure you leave your tree in its stand (with water) for 24 hours before decorating, once the tree has hit room temperature there will be some final falling of the branches
  • DO NOT place your Christmas tree too close or next to heat registers, this is a fire hazard
  • TURN OFF your lights when someone is not home and when you go to sleep
  • Check water twice a day, most stands come equipped with a water fill line be sure to maintain a proper volume
  • Every region across the GTA offers a tree pick up in the month of January, be aware of the schedule and take advantage of these services