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PureMG Ice Melting Pellets

$35.99  Each/Bag

PureMG is a high performance ice melter that is safer for people, pets, concrete, and the environment. Effectively melting snow and ice immediately on roadways and driveways, PureMG melting power reaches temperatures as low as -33oC – considerably lower than most other comparable ice melters. PureMG leaves no residue on clothing, carpets and floors. It is also less corrosive to construction materials than sodium (salt) based ice melters and does not harm vegetation.

  • 99% Pure Magnesium Chloride ice melting pellets
  • Ideal for melting ice and snow, works in temperatures as low as -33 degrees Celsius.
  • Pet safe and non-toxic.
  • Leaves no chalky residue on carpets, floors, and runners.
  • Will not burn vegetation.
  • Less corrosive to construction material than other salts.
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