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Organic 3-Way Mix (30L)

$4.99 Each

Organic 3-Way is a certified organic soil mixture made from Ontario sedge peat, peat humus, and composted manures. It provides nutrients to plants, improves aeration, and increases water holding capacity. The product is environmentally friendly, free from contaminants, and supports healthy green spaces.


  • Perfect for gardens, lawns, and tree planting to promote healthy root system
  • Made from peat humus, peat fiber, and composted barnyard manure
  • Used on its own or add to existing soils
  • Enhances soil quality by improving aeration, water retention, and nutrient content
  • Encourages healthy roots and attracts beneficial worms to keep soil aerated, enhancing soil fertility.
  • Environmentally friendly, free from contaminants, and supports safe green spaces
  • Certified for organic agriculture by Pro Cert Organic Systems Ltd
organic 3 way mix (30l)




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