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Landscape Tool Rentals

At Toemar, we know exactly what our customers want when creating their own dream backyard or improving the curb appeal of their home. Landscape tools play an integral part in making your project a success. With the right landscape rental tools, you can spend less time building and more time enjoying your new home escape.
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Landscaping Tools for Rent

We carry every tool you need to make your project go smoothly and quickly. These professional grade tools are at your disposal to rent for as long as you need to complete your landscaping project.
plate vibrator compactor rental

Plate Compactor

Plate compactor are used for the compaction of base materials (limestone screenings or ¾” crush run). For best results, compact base materials in a series of layers, 2 to 3” at a time.
hand tamper rental

Hand Tampers

Hand tampers are used for the compaction of base materials (limestone screenings or ¾” crush run). For best results, compact base materials in a series of layers, 2 to 3” at a time.
cut off saw rental

Cut-off Saws

Cut-off Saws are used for cutting concrete and or natural stone products. Our cut-off saws can handle any home cutting needs.
guillotine stone splitter rental

Guillotine Stone Cutter

Stone cutters are used for splitting concrete and or natural stone products up to 4” thick. Unlike a Cut-off Saw/Table Saw, a Guillotine does not cut smooth, it is manually operated using force and leverage to split/chisel a piece of stone.
rock dolly rental

Rock Dolly

Rock Dolly is designed specifically to move a single boulder/armour stone less than 300 pounds in weight. This tool is manually controlled and works similar to a standard dolly, the heavy-duty and lightweight design makes it very ergonomic to move a boulder around most landscapes.
lawn roller rental

Lawn Rollers

Lawn Rollers is used for the installation of sod (new lawn). The drum design can easily be filled with water to add weight and then will be used as a form of compaction on top of sod. The compaction helps bind the sod to the soil underlay; this will promote growth and root strength.
wheelbarrow rental


Professional grade wheelbarrow is used for carrying aggregate, soil or mulch. The lightweight and heavy-duty design makes this tool a staple for any hardscape or landscape project.
muck truck dirt mover

Muck Truck

Muck Truck is a commercial gas-powered wheelbarrow with many benefits. It is able to propel itself effortlessly and its instant dump mechanism saves you from back-breaking work. It fits through most backyard gates, entrances and walkways. Landscapers and DIY homeowners use this tool to save time and labor.

How to Rent Tools

Renting tools is simple.  Just tell us which tool you and we’ll set it aside for you.  If you are not sure how to use the tool, we can demonstrate and let you see the tool in action. Don’t be shy.  It is better to ask before you take the tool and use it incorrectly which can either ruin your project or injure yourself or someone else.

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