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Christmas Trees: Ideas on Selecting and Caring

I love Christmas and Christmas trees. It is because it is one of the very few holidays where we get to focus on the family and the closest of friends through engaging conversation that brings a smile, a belly full of laughter, and even the occasional tears of joy. I also love real Christmas trees because it is the one activity where my entire family can gather together to decorate the Christmas tree while the natural scent of fresh pine needles gently reminds you of wonderful memories of Christmas past.

To keep the spirit of Christmas thriving through the holidays, we’ve come up with a few ideas that we think will help keep your real Christmas tree alive and house smelling fresh and wonderful this season.

Christmas Tree Ideas: Selecting

  • Measure the height and width of the space you have available in the room where the tree will be placed. There is nothing worse than bringing a tree indoors only to find it’s too tall or wide. Take a tape measure with you to measure your chosen tree and bring a cord to tie your tree to the car.
  • At the lot, give the tree you selected a shake and watch the type of needles that fall. Brown needles, which come from the center near the trunk, are fine, but fallen green needles means the tree has gotten dry.
  • Make sure the handle or base of the tree is straight and 6-8 inches long so it will fit easily into the stand.

Christmas Tree Ideas: Caring

    • Make another fresh cut across the trunk, approximately one inch from the original cut before you bring the tree into the house for decorating. This will allow the tree to absorb the water quickly and keep the pine needles fresh.
    • Get a tree stand that can hold at least four litres of water. The tree may drink up to four litres of water per day. Check the reservoir daily and supply fresh cold water as needed. Do not let the water level drop below the tree bottom, a seal will form and a new cut will be necessary.
    • Do not use additives or chemicals in the water as it may reduce water intake by the tree. Water moves into the trunk at the lower cut end, and eventually evaporates (transpires) from the foliage which prevents the needles from drying out and dropping off and the boughs from drooping. Water will also keep the tree fragrant.
    • Use only CSA approved lights and electrical cords and devices on trees. Check electrical cords and lights for damage prior to placement on the tree. Do not place damaged lighting on the tree or use outdoor lights. Discard the lights rather than repair.
    • Your tree should be placed away from sources of heat such as fireplaces, radiators, and televisions. Do not forget to turn off the tree lights when you leave your home and/or before you head off to sleep at night.
    • When you decide to dispose of tree, Peel Region will pick up the tree for recycling into mulch during the week of January 7th, 2013. For more details: http://www.peelregion.ca/pw/waste/garb-recy/christmas-tree.htm

For more information, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Image Source: Metro