Polymeric and Paver Sand


Polymeric and Paver Sand is the finishing touch to your interlocking paver installation. The paver sand forms a strong, yet pliable joint while resisting weed growth, paver movement, insect mining and erosion. It will also resist scouring caused by sweeping, water rinsing and traffic. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications

  • Becomes hard after watering.
  • Diminishes weeds and repels insects.
  • One time installation.
  • Very low erosion rate.
  • Adapts to the movements of pavers in all weather conditions.
  • Terrific around pools.
  • 22 kg size bag, coverage of approximately 100 square feet.
  • Hardening agent contained in the sand becomes hard upon watering.
  • Available in Brown, Grey, Charcoal (Jet Black) and Terra Cotta (New).
  • Wide Joint WJ formula available, ideal for natural stone and wide joint interlocking pavers.
Other Choices
  • Jointing Sand Brown/20 kg size bag*

* Jointing sand does not harden upon watering.