Ice Melter Products


When the ground is about to freeze over or has already froze over, it’s time to bring out the ice melting and traction products. Our ice melting and traction products are a great way to keep patios, steps, sidewalks, and driveways safe for people.  Toemar carries a wide of variety of ice melters that include your economical ice melting product to your 100% all natural product that is safe for children and animals.  We also carry a ice traction product that gives you confidence to walk on that walkway or driveway, day or night.  Image Source: Flickr Numinosity (Gary J Wood)

Product Specifications

Ice Patrol Rock Salt:

  • Packaging: 10 kg and 20 kg
  • Economical and effective ice melt
  • Optimally sized granules for maximum performance
  • Ice melt flows freely through commercial spreaders


Ice Cutter:

  • Packaging: 50lb bag
  • Provides no-slip protection on steps, sidewalks and driveways
  • Long lasting ice melt action for added protection and economy
  • Highly visible green color indicator
  • Will not attack concrete when used as directed


Ice Beeter:

  • Packaging: 50lb bag
  • Formulated with a special beet extract solution
  • Low temperature and long lasting performance
  • Color coated (Purple) for visual coverage
  • Triple screened for consistent granulation
  • Provides instant traction